Hosting an EveryoneVR event

So you want to host a meeting, party or another event with EveryoneVR? That's great! On this page we've compiled some information on to make your event a success.

To start off: EveryoneVR is improving every day, but it is not finished yet. Compare it with an "early access" or "open beta" product. If reliability and privacy are of the utmost importance, you should not use EveryoneVR. Terms and Conditions

How much does it cost?

For now, hosting an EveryoneVR event is free. In the future the free version of EveryoneVR will have some limitations, and there will be paid options available.

Take it easy

If you want to introduce EveryoneVR to a new group, we recommend trying it out with an informal, low stress event. Friday afternoon drinks are ideal. Usually even if there are some problems everyone will have fun. You can then troubleshoot later.

EveryoneVR currently supports 25 people in a single room, but we recommend starting off with a small group (5-6).

When hosting a bussiness meeting, we advise asking everyone to come 5 minutes early. You should also have a backup system (Jitsi, Zoom, etc.) for when things don't work out. If things aren't working perfectly five minutes after the scheduled start of the meeting, you should switch to your backup system. You can always try again at a later time.

Technical problems

When organizing an event, it is almost guaranteed that a small amount of people will have technical problems. The easiest way to fix these problems is to ask them to use a different browser or different device.

Introducing people to VR

People who have played video games only need about a minute before they master moving and looking around in EveryoneVR. People who never played any games will need about 15 minutes, and they won't be zipping around until they have got a few hours under their belt. We recommend walking up to people who have just joined, and giving them a quick introduction. EveryoneVR is fun to teach and fun to learn, so as long as your schedule allows you'll both be having a blast.

Some people have never played or even seen a first person game. It helps to tell them you can see them and that they are the same TV thingy you are. Then it works great to introduce them to jumping. Looking around should be next, and only after they can do that should you teach them movent.

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